Clicktivism Graphic

Clicktivism Targeting Businesses
A growing amount of social and environmental activism occurs on social media. How has the rise of clicktivism affected corporate sustainability practices? We examine the relationship between clicktivism and corporate sustainability practices, perceptions of risk, value, and discourse on business sustainability themes.

Physical vs Digital Graphic

Virtual vs Physical Worlds
As our lives move increasingly online, our relationship to the natural world is changing. How does our increasing affinity for digital devices impact our feelings about wild places? And what, if any, impact might spending more time online have on support for conservation?

Environmental Discourse Graphic

Environmental Discourse and the Internet
The internet has emerged as a powerful medium for sharing information about environmental issues. How does online discourse about the environment vary across time/space and what impact does it have on human knowledge, values, behaviours, and modes of environmental governance? We interrogate the role of emergent and established platforms like TikTok and Twitter to understand how they affect human relations with the natural environment.